Evolving Media Consulting


Focused on the evolution of media and consumer behavior

At JF Advisory we're focused on how technological advances and changes in consumer behavior are evolving the media landscape. As viewers continue to choose to watch content on their own terms via digital distribution, long-standing methodologies are being upended by data, metrics, and methodologies that are evolving alongside digital technology.

At JF Advisory, we work with both media companies who need to evolve along with the industry and the growing number of data, measurement, and research providers who are building the tools to help media companies better serve their viewers and the brands that advertise on their platforms. 

Advertisers have more opportunities to reach their target audiences, ever more efficiently. During this time it’s more important than ever to understand consumer behavior so that you’re not only efficient with your media allocation but also as effective as possible.





Let us utilize our experience working with media startups to help you build your business and product strategy. From product roadmaps and development to marketing and business development, we can help your business succeed in the crowded and idiosyncratic media space.

Thought leadership

From blog posts to white papers, we can help you position your company to potential clients. We can ghost-write content for your organization or work in concert to develop smart, interesting, thought-provoking content.


As the media industry becomes data-led, the challenges for organizations are myriad. We understand the issues and complications that can come from developing and implementing data strategies across the enterprise. Let us help you develop and manage the process, whatever stage you're at.


Whatever your question, we have the experience to identify the right research tools, manage the project, and develop the insights to answer it.

market research

Whether it be surveys, focus groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews, or in-home ethnographies, we've built studies to understand consumer motivations across media and all industries. Let us help you develop a research plan that works for you.

biometric and lab-based techniques

We have extensive experience developing, and conducting projects using today's most advance measurement techniques including eye-gaze, facial coding, Galvanic Skin Response, heart-rate monitoring, implicit response, and others.

advanced statistical methods

Through decades of experience, we've run all kinds of analyses including advanced modeling, discrete choice, and conjoint analysis. We can identify the best way to get you the right results for the issue at hand.


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